Is Walrus Audio about to release an amplifier?

Is Walrus Audio about to release an amplifier?

Is Walrus Audio releasing an amplifier? Such is the question that has plagued fans of the boutique pedal manufacturer after it shared a cryptic photo of a vacuum tube to its social media accounts yesterday, along with the teasing caption “A clue? Yeah it’s a clue.”

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Beyond the post, Walrus has remained tight-lipped on (what we can reasonably assume to be) its upcoming release, though you can be sure to note that it is “definitely not” “another boring tube screamer take,” as one fan had suggested in the comments section.

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Further information is unavailable at this time, but head over to Walrus Audio to stay in the loop.
In other news, Walrus Audio’s Slöer recently made its way into’s top 10 pedals and effects of 2023. Based on the popular Slö lineup, the Slöer – as its name probably implies – is an improved, double-width take on the original, featuring more algorithms, stereo connectivity and a new stretch control, which lets you smear the reverb’s sample rate for a darker, artefact-laden sound.
Players can also choose between a Lollipop Blue finish with light blue and off white ink featuring original artwork by Christi Du Toit or a matte black finish with cream ink. In our full review of the Slöer, the pedal was described as one that “more than lives up to the hype and legacy of its predecessors and expands on them”.
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