It looks like Epiphone is about to launch a new multi-effects unit

It looks like Epiphone is about to launch a new multi-effects unit

It sure looks like Epiphone is about to release a multi-effects unit of its own, after a product has been listed on various gear websites.

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In what appears to be an accidental leak, websites such as Russo Music and Sweetwater have listed Epiphone’s newest multi-effects pedal, the Epiphone Power Players Multi-Effects Pedal.
“The Epiphone Power Players Multi-Effects Pedal is an all-new compact effects workstation designed with ease of use in mind for the beginner, as well as being coupled with some surprising professional quality features,” says the description of the newest unit.
The pedal appears to be marketed towards beginner guitarists, presenting itself as “a great first step” for students. Those familiar with Epiphone’s product line will know it has numerous guitar models under the Power Players name, aimed at younger and more inexperienced players.
In terms of features, it offers overdrive, distortion, delay with tap tempo and, of course, a tuner. It appears to be a pretty simple looking unit, with clear markings on which button triggers which effect, with corresponding knobs to further control the sound.
There’s also low and high gain distortion modes, an external effects loop for patching additional delays and dual XLR-outs for the option of running stereo directly into a PA system.
The Epiphone Power Players Multi-Effects Pedal boasts a beginner-friendly price tag, too, at just $159. As of the time of writing, it remains available for preorder at selected retailers.
In more Epiphone news, Paul McCartney’s Epiphone guitar string from Rubber Soul recordings recently sold for £1,600.
Special Auction Services in Newbury auctioned the string, which according to Beatles biographer Walter Everett was likely used on Michelle, on which McCartney uses his acoustic Epiphone Texan.
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