John Mayer’s new album Sob Rock: everything you need to know

John Mayer’s new album Sob Rock: everything you need to know

John Mayer’s latest solo album has been on the horizon for a while, but we finally have some concrete details. Entitled Sob Rock and set for release this summer, it will be his eighth main solo studio album, following on from 2017’s The Search For Everything.
While Sob Rock has just recently been officially announced, the album has been for some time – mainly on Mayer’s newly founded TikTok account. He said directly in a video posted to the platform: “My album is recorded, mixed and mastered. I’ve just been chilling and sharing it with friends for the past couple of months.”
He also posted a few short snippets of a new 1980s-inspired song, Last Train Home, out now. This was his new music since his 2019 standalone single Carry Me Away.
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Watch John Mayer play the solo for Last Train home below
Watch the video for John Mayer’s new single Last Train Home
John Mayer announces new album Sob Rock, out 16 July

When will Sob Rock be released?
Sob Rock will arrive on 16 July, as Mayer confirmed in the minimalistic album announcements on social media. These posts also shared the album cover, which you can see below.

Sob Rock. July 16.
— John Mayer (@JohnMayer) June 1, 2021

When will we know Sob Rock‘s tracklist?
While we now have some more concrete details about Sob Rock, we’re yet to be told its full tracklist. With the promise of “details” this Friday, it was possible we were going to get a tracklist alongside the release of Last Train Home. However, it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer before we get a full tracklist.
What will Sob Rock sound like?
Last Train Home has a distinct 1980s soft rock vibe to it. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Mayer revealed that the single was inspired by the “security blanket” of his nostalgia for 1980s music. I asked myself, ‘What music makes me feel like everything’s going to be OK?’ ” he said. “And it’s the music I listened to growing up in the ‘80s. There’s a security-blanket aspect about that sound that reminds me of a safer time.”
You can see the official video for Last Train Home below.

While determining anything further from this one track is hard, the album title and cover indicate that the LP as a whole will tend towards this 1980s soft rock sound.
In a new Instagram Reels video posted on 6 June, Mayer played the bluesy solo of Last Train Home over a mix that omitted the lead guitars and vocals – check it out below:


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