Keeley fuses two classic overdrives with the 4-in-1 Noble Screamer

Keeley fuses two classic overdrives with the 4-in-1 Noble Screamer

Keeley Electronics have launched a new hybrid Tube Screamer/Nobels ODR-1 overdrive, the Noble Screamer.
The 4-in-1 pedal uses two 100% analog drive circuits and two brand new amp-like overdrive and distortion tones, similar to but not quite like pedal-modelling. This gives users a choice of which tone-control or clipping-section they want to play through, with options for more traditional overdrive effects and new hybrid tones for  a more innovative sound.

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One of these tone control circuits is a Broad Spectrum Tone Control while the other is a Narrow Focus Filter Control. In the overdrive position, it’s possible to hear a ‘Spectrum’ type of tone control that can go from a flat EQ to an EQ that has a boost in the treble and bass response. Meanwhile, when set in the TS position, a Low Pass filter is created that rolls off the high frequencies only.
The pedal also offers both styles of diode clipping. When the clipping switch is in the OD position, it features Hard Diode Clipping, which creates a more edgier, more aggressive tone. Meanwhile, in the TS Position that uses Soft Diode Clipping, the sound produced is more like a tube amplifier softly overdriven.
Despite all these new features, the pedal remains a user-friendly three-knob overdrive, but in a first for the company, uses an aluminium enclosure.

The Noble Screamer also features Keeley’s Vitamin K-infused buffer for smooth, noise-free switching without any loss in tone. It is, however, possible to turn that feature off and switch to true-bypasss, which might appeal to players who want the effect of plugging directly into their amp when the pedal is off.
Manufactured in Oklahoma City, the pedal is now available for a recommended retail price of £215.
For more info, head to Keeley Electronics.
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