Laney releases two-channel amp Ironheart Loudpedal stompbox

Laney releases two-channel amp Ironheart Loudpedal stompbox

Laney has released the inaugural pedal of its Ironheart Foundry Series, the 60w Loudpedal stompbox.

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Designed to emulate the sounds of Laney’s Ironheart amplifier heads, the pedal features two distinct channels with Channel 1 offering Clean/Rhythm/Lead gain levels, while Channel 2 boasts Bright, Natural, and Dark tonal options. The channels share a three-band EQ with a footswitch-activated boost.
To further take advantage of the stompbox format, Laney has also included an FX loop to accommodate modulations and time-based effects, and boasts a speaker-emulated XLR output that can be connected via direct input to PA systems or recording interfaces. The stompbox can also double as a traditional boost/drive/distortion pedal.

Laney also claims that the stompbox can be used to power a speaker cabinet, but will require a 24-volt power supply capable of delivering 2.5 amps in order to achieve the Loudpedal’s full 60 watts of power output.
The Ironheart Loudpedal is available now at $299 at authorised Laney dealers.
Laney introduced a new version of their original Supergroup amplifier in the LA Studio head last year. The amp features a built-in Two Notes Torpedo unit, and the ability to use the amp without plugging in a cabinet. The head appears to boast similar features as the 30-watt LA30BL, but closer inspection reveals a series of studio-ready features such as a direct input USB connection, a selector for six built-in virtual cabinets and more.
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