LAVA targets acoustic traditionalists with new spruce-built smart guitar

LAVA targets acoustic traditionalists with new spruce-built smart guitar

Some of the most head-turning instruments in the acoustic guitar world, LAVA’s futuristic smart guitars boast onboard effects and, in the case of the ME 3, even a touchscreen interface complete with a looper, learning tools and more.
Now, the company has expanded its product lineup with a new range of LAVA ME 4 models which boast updated specs, and even something for the acoustic purists…

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Among the lineup are two LAVA ME 4s, one available in the brand’s traditional carbon fibre, and the other, notably, incorporates a spruce build.
While LAVA is commonly associated with its forward-thinking approach to guitar design, the LAVA ME 4 Spruce indicates the company is now targeting the acoustic traditionalists, too, with a guitar that – aside from the glaring touchscreen on its upper bout – sports a more conventional aesthetic than its previous models.
But, as we say, the guitar is still more innovative than the majority of new guitars that hit the market today.
Its touchscreen display is powered by the company’s HILAVA operating system, and boasts a host of features including 30 onboard effects, backing tracks, drum grooves, a looper, metronome, tuner and an app for scale training, strumming and chord transition practice.

Additionally, the Spruce model also features a FreeBoost 2.0 system, which uses the back of the guitar as a speaker to increase sound output.
Available in Purple, Soft Gold, Pink, White and Space Grey, the Carbon model is loaded with most of the same specs, but, obviously, has a carbon fibre body, as well as an updated C-to-U-profile FlyNeck 2.0.
There are no major changes to the design since the LAVA ME 3, apart from a truss rod system and an updated FreeBoost 3.0 projection system for “larger, deeper effects sounds”. There’s also enhanced battery capacity, and an advanced Sharc DSP audio chip, which promises seven-times-faster audio-digital processing.
Price-wise, the LAVA ME 4 Spruce and Carbon are tagged at $699 and $999, respectively.
For more info, head to LAVA MUSIC.
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