Lzzy Hale “hasn’t heard one negative comment” about her fronting Skid Row

Lzzy Hale “hasn’t heard one negative comment” about her fronting Skid Row

Lzzy Hale, who’s recently been drafted as the lead singer of Skid Row, has spoken about the positive reception she’s received in response to the news.
With frontman Erik Grönwall announcing last month that he’s parting ways with Skid Row to focus on his health, it’s been revealed that the Halestorm singer will be fronting the band for a handful of dates later this year.

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Speaking to Loudwire Nights about her upcoming stint, Hale says: “I haven’t heard one negative comment and it’s just giving everybody a reason to smile and that’s what it’s all about.”
“It’s bigger than us doing some gigs — this is amazing and what a beautiful thing to be part of.”
Asked about the impact Skid Row has on her own musical journey, Hale admits: “For me, it’s full circle.”
“You have to understand, I’m a weird in-betweener. When I was 11 through 13, I was into ‘80s metal, like Cinderella and Skid Row and all of that. But I was also getting into nu-metal in the early-2000s, Disturbed and Sevendust and Tool. The crazy thing about Skid Row is that they were the ones that carried me through over that bridge.”
“They had the big choruses and everything, but then they had those later albums that were very present with the times and the weird, seedy underbelly that was the ’90s. They bridged that gap for me.”
For Hale, the timing of the Skid Row gig is serendipitous as she’s currently working on new songs for Halestorm that dive into how the band has shaped her life.
“It’s almost like feeling like you’re in the right place at the right time doing something,” she says.
“You may not ever know what that something is, but you feel kind of connected to everybody in a weird way. Not to be all ‘woo woo’ about this stuff because I’ve never been that kind of girl, but I’m also like, uh, there could be something else going on in the universe.”
Check out the full list of tour dates on Skid Row’s website.
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