Mooer’s new Prime S1 is the ultimate “all-in-one pedalboard” for travelling guitarists

Mooer’s new Prime S1 is the ultimate “all-in-one pedalboard” for travelling guitarists

Chinese audio gear company Mooer has launched the Prime S1, an “all-in-one pedalboard” offering guitar effects and tones, looping, and music production capabilities in a highly portable design.
Boasting a staggering array of 126 internal guitar effects and tone presets — all customisable and shareable via the MOOER Cloud platform — the Prime S1 offers a world of sonic exploration at your fingertips. Though what truly sets the pedal apart is its recording capabilities.

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Crafting musical arrangements has never been easier, thanks to the S1’s integrated looper module which gives you up to 80 seconds of looping time. With real-time playback, loop deletion, and overdubbing functionality, users can seamlessly layer melodies and rhythms on the fly. Loops can also be recorded directly onto mobile devices via USB/OTG connection, eliminating the need for bulky studio equipment.
Players also get up to 40 synchronisable drum machines, 10 metronomes, and a tuner. Control is streamlined through four simple footswitches along with a digital LED display, ensuring a minimalist yet powerful user experience. And while app-based control might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s certainly something a growing number of guitar brands have been dipping their toes into in recent years (see: the Positive Grid Spark Mini and Boss Katana:Go).
Furthermore, given the focus on portability — the pedal measures just 240mm(D) by 70.2mm(W) by 31.9mm(H) and weighs a mere 350g, it makes sense that the Prime S1 is powered solely by an integrated lithium battery (no mains power supply needed). Charging is done via a USB C port, so you can charge your gear with a portable power bank, laptop, or a regular USB C charger.
While the Prime S1 primarily caters to travelling musicians, it still includes industry-standard pedal features, such as a ¼” input, stereo ¼” outputs, and an independent headphone output. Each pedal will cost you $179.
For a better idea of the Prime S1’s capabilities, check out Mooer’s demo below:

Learn more at Mooer Audio.
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