New Gretsch debuts scheduled for NAMM

New Gretsch debuts scheduled for NAMM

Gretsch is the latest major manufacturer pre-announcing its product launches ahead of the forthcomimg Winter NAMM show.

Likely to be one of the stars of the Grestch stand is a limited edition USA Custom Exotic Red Gum drum kit. Only 50 will be produced worldwide, each with the 6-ply Gretsch-formula maple/gum shell, 30-degree bearing edges, exclusive silver interior finish, die-cast hoops, double tom holder and Satin Millennium Burst nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

Gretsch Drums Brand Manager, Andrew Shreve, explains: ‘Because gum wood is a key ingredient of the Gretsch USA Custom shell, adding an additional outer ply of Red Gum, which is indigenous to the Southeast United States, pays respect to this coveted series and to the factory here in Ridgeland, South Carolina.’

Gretsch Catalina

Also new for 2019 will be several new colours and configurations, as well as a special edition kit in Gretsch’s Catalina series. The Catalina Special Edition: ‘…delivers on the sound, feel and look of Catalina with the additional of a 7-ply all birch shell. A 30-degree bearing edge, round “gas cap” bass drum mount plate, ultra-low profile GTS mounting system, classic Gretsch t-wing screws and bolts all round out the Catalina SE look. A limited number of USA Custom-inspired Ebony Satin and Blue Silver Duco sets will be available in two different configurations,’ Gretsch says.

At the same time, Catalina Maple will now be available in a 5-piece shell pack featuring a 22” BD, 10” & 12” RT’s, 16” FT and 14” SN. The CM1-E825 pack is compact enough for smaller stage settings, yet capable of delivering ample volume and projection. A ‘stunning, new Black Stardust lacquer finish’ will also be added to the line.

Additionally, all six popular Catalina Club configurations are now available in a Bronze Sparkle lacquer finish.

Gretsch Micro Kit

Finally, Gretsch is launching the Brooklyn Micro Kit. designed for use in small venues, studios, rehearsal rooms and other situations where space is at a premium.

Made in South Carolina, Gretsch says: ‘The set produces a warm, articulate tonality courtesy of a 6-ply Poplar/Maple shell that’s outfitted with 302 counter hoops. A 4825 tom bracket mounted directly to the shell, single tom mount, and removable bass drum riser are included with the travel-friendly outfit.

‘The compact set is finished in a Satin Gray lacquer and is accented with Satin Natural bass drum counter hoops and snare drum to offer a striking appearance that is suitable for all musical genres and playing situations. Last but certainly not least, the artist-designed configuration (GB-M264-SG ) includes 12×16” bass drum, 7×10” rack tom, 12×13” floor tom, 4.5×13” and snare drum’.


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