New Magni 502 Lightweight Combo From EBS

New Magni 502 Lightweight Combo From EBS

EBS Sweden have announced the Magni 502, a super lightweight bass combo series with innovative design solutions to extend the sound capability from a compact rig.

The choices of materials in conjunction with neodymium speakers make the EBS Magni 502 one of the lightest bass combos in its class claim EBS (only 15.4 kg for the 210-model!).

“With the innovative porting of the cabinet both on the front and back, the compact cabinet delivers more output and low-end bass than you would imagine judged by the appearance,” states EBS. “The double-porting helps distribute the sound evenly for a great sound experience independently if you stay next to the combo or step further away. It uses the room itself to support and distribute the sound. Still, the tone is solid, punchy, and tight due to the amp’s use of EBS-developed soft clip technology and the highly efficient Neodymium speakers” – EBS Sweden.

Filters and features that make a difference

The amplifier is similar to the EBS Reidmar 502, which means an analog preamp with powerful filters to shape the sound and a 500 W power module developed by EBS with the possibility to add an extra cabinet at 4 or 8 ohms if ever needed. You can also use the high-quality XLR output for a balanced line signal from the amp to the FOH mixer without needing an external line box.

Upgrades since the previous Magni:

  • Reduced weight by 6 kg (total weight only 15.4 kg)!
  • Neodymium speakers add a lot more volume and punch.
  • Improved low-frequency response.
  • The new power amp operates at 4 ohms and can handle a 2-ohms load. It makes it possible to extend the combo with one 4-ohm or up to two extra 8-ohm speaker cabinets.
  • Better suited for the road due to a new hard vinyl coating.
  • The woven steel grill contributes to the lesser weight and provides improved airflow.

Estimated price: €1199/ $1399 / 12995 SEK

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