New Percussion Products From Toca

New Percussion Products From Toca

Toca Percussion have recently announced a raft of new additions to their product ranges, including Congas, Bongos, Bells and various associated hardware.

Collapsible Barrel Stand

In the world of percussion, it’s often the subtle details that set exceptional equipment apart. This new barrel stand is a testament to this philosophy, featuring fully height-adjustable legs and rubber grippers that elevate the playing experience to new heights.

One of the standout features of this innovative stand is its fully foldable legs, a vast improvement over the previous model that only partially folded down. This enhancement allows for compact storage in gig bags or road cases, making it an ideal companion for the musician on the go.

Custom Deluxe Matte Finish Congas and Bongos

In a landscape where hand percussion often embraces conventional colors, Toca Percussion once again breaks the mold. The Custom Deluxe Matte finish congas and bongos draw inspiration from the sleek aesthetics of sports cars and rugged pickup trucks, offering a breath of fresh air in the world of hand percussion design.

The congas, with their 30″ tall Asian Oak shells and Afro-Cuban shell shape, deliver enhanced volume and resonance, ensuring a powerful and rich sound that captivates audiences. Durable chrome hardware provides elegance and longevity, while the EasyPlay hoop design and 6 lugs contribute to playability and tuning stability.

Eric Velez Signature Nuyorican Handheld Bongo Bells & Beater

Designed in collaboration with renowned percussionist Eric Velez, these bells are crafted to complement his signature series timbales, bringing the vibrant rhythms of Island Salsa and New York flair to musicians worldwide.

The Nuyorican Handheld Bongo Bells capture the essence of Latin Pop, Modern Salsa, and any genre that seeks to infuse a touch of Latin flavor into its sound. Made with steel bells finished in matte silver, these handheld bells deliver a distinctive auditory experience.

Toca Eric Velez Signature Series Drums

Crafted in collaboration with world-renowned percussionist Eric Velez, these instruments showcase a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

The Eric Velez Signature Series Congas, boast a Cuban style with three metal rings, finished in Gold Rose Hardware with one metal ring in Black Mirror chrome. Standing at 28 inches tall, fitted with Remo® synthetic heads, these congas feature rubber bottoms for stability and durability. The Arádano Rojo Glitter finish adds a touch of spectacle, making these congas a visual delight on any stage.

Eric Piza Signature Congas and Bongos

This collaboration between Toca and renowned percussionist Erik Piza brings a burst of artistic flair to the world of percussion, offering a unique visual and auditory experience for drum enthusiasts.

The EP Splash drums feature a gloss black base coat adorned with vibrant splashes of yellow, teal, and Erik’s signature orange. The artistic expression of these drums draws inspiration from the works of Jackson Pollock, creating a dynamic and visually stunning design that captivates both the eyes and ears.

Toca Jamal Gome Drum

Developed in partnership with world-renowned percussionist and educator Jamal Mohamed, this instrument promises a unique and versatile percussion experience.

The Gome drum, a cultural cornerstone in the solo and ensemble traditions of the Ga and Ashanti communities, has found a contemporary expression in the Toca Jamal Gome Drum. This distinctive drum delivers soul-stirring rhythms.

Jamal shared his insights into the creation of this innovative instrument: “The Toca Jamal Gome Drum is a fusion of tradition and innovation. Working closely with Toca Percussion, we took the essential elements of the traditional Gome drum and seamlessly merged them with the familiar cajon, resulting in an instrument that not only respects its roots but also offers a new avenue for creative expression.”

Grabber Percussion Mount for Microphones

This mount offers drummers and percussionists a versatile solution to securely position microphones exactly where needed, enhancing the flexibility and customization of percussion rigs.

The original Grabber Percussion Mount simplified the way percussion accessories could be added to drum kits, providing a secure and adjustable solution for tight spaces. The Grabber for Microphones extends this functionality to microphones, offering drummers and percussionists the same level of adaptability and convenience.

Kickboxx Pro – Drumming Innovation in a Portable Package

Combining portability with professional features, the Kickboxx Pro sets a new standard for compact drumming solutions.

The original Kickboxx has been a game-changer for drummers seeking portability without compromising on sound quality. Acting as a carrying case for the entire set, it has garnered widespread acclaim for its innovative design and practicality. Building upon this success, the Kickboxx Pro takes the concept to new heights, offering enhanced features for drummers of all levels.

Magma Freestyle Djembes

Crafted with precision and passion, the Magma Freestyle Djembes boast a range of features that set them apart in the world of percussion:

Rope Tuned Excellence: Each Magma Freestyle Djembe is meticulously tuned for optimal performance, providing drummers with a consistent and reliable sound for every beat.

Cabasa/Shaker Combo – A Blend of Rhythm and Versatility

The Toca Cabasa/Shaker introduces a distinctive design, featuring loops of steel bead chain wrapped around a specially textured, stainless steel cylinder. This unique construction produces a diverse array of scraping rhythmic patterns, offering percussionists a rich sonic tapestry that blends the characteristic texture of a cabasa with the soft, melodic sounds of the shaker.

When played, the Cabasa/Shaker generates an extensive range of rhythmic sounds and patterns, providing percussionists with a versatile palette for creative expression.

Shell Protectors and Threaded Lug Tips

Designed with the utmost care for the preservation of instruments and surrounding surfaces, these accessories redefine the standard of protection for congas and bongos.

In the world of percussion, protection is paramount—for your beloved instruments, your fellow bandmates’ gear, and the surfaces that serve as the stage for your performances. Toca’s Shell Protectors and Threaded Lug Tips are engineered to safeguard against potential damage, ensuring the longevity of your instruments and the preservation of your performance environment.

Jamal Signature Doumbek

Designed in collaboration with the renowned Doumbek Master Jamal Mohamed, the Jamal Signature Doumbeks represent a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation. Jamal stated, “Working on the Sympatico Jamal Signature Doumbek has been a truly inspiring experience. This drum brings a new level of versatility and expression to the world of Doumbeks.”

Sympatico Series Accessory Jingles

As a response to the resounding success of the Sympatico System, these easily attachable accessories further enhance the sound possibilities for drummers in both recreational and educational settings.

The Sympatico System has gained acclaim for its innovative and proprietary internal tuning design. The tuning mechanism is hidden inside the drum, providing a unique and customizable sound that resonates with drummers of all levels.

Toca Percussion Unveils Updated, More Verbose Talking Drum

The traditional talking drum, known for its hourglass shape, has been a cultural symbol in West Africa for generations. Toca Percussion has meticulously updated their own version of this instrument to meet the demands of contemporary musicians.

The Toca Talking Drum retains the essence of the traditional design, featuring two drumheads connected by tension cords. These cords, when squeezed between the player’s arm and body, allow for the regulation of pitch, mimicking the tone of human speech. A skilled player can articulate whole phrases, creating a unique sonic language that echoes the richness of human expression.

Universal Stand Brace


Playing congas can be a truly immersive experience, but the constant need to readjust stands can be terribly frustrating for musicians. The Toca Universal Stand Brace addresses this issue head-on, providing a simple yet effective solution to ensure conga stands stay firmly in place.

The Universal Stand Brace puts an end to the common problem of conga stands shifting during play, allowing musicians to focus on their performance without interruptions. By attaching barrel stands together and utilizing the weight of the stands and connected drums, the Universal Stand Brace provides a stable and secure foundation for congas.

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