Not a fan of the upcoming Slayer reunion? Well, “don’t go”, says Gary Holt’s wife

Not a fan of the upcoming Slayer reunion? Well, “don’t go”, says Gary Holt’s wife

Yesterday, thrash metal titans Slayer announced that they’re reuniting for their first live shows since 2019. While many fans were overjoyed at the band’s upcoming appearance at September’s Louder Than Life and Riot Fest, not everyone was thrilled at the news, with some deeming the stunt a cash grab in the style of Kiss and Mötley Crüe.

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To the latter, Lisa Holt, the wife of Slayer guitarist Gary Holt has some sound advice.
“Yes, it’s true… and an exciting adventure for the band and fans!” Holt writes on her Facebook page. “To all the people saying ‘They are liars,’ ‘They must have ran out of money,’ ‘It’s not Slayer without so and so,’ I have an idea for you all… Don’t go… And for all the people who did go to the final tour dates and enjoyed it… Awesome!”
“This isn’t a ‘tour’, it’s some dates… and great news!” she added. “And everyone that thinks they know all the inside info – you can’t possibly know. So just enjoy the fact that this amazing band will play some amazing shows this year. Go or don’t. Nobody cares!”
Commenting on the upcoming show, Tom Araya said in a press release [via Revolver]. : “Nothing compares to the 90 minutes when we’re on stage playing live, sharing that intense energy with our fans. And to be honest, we have missed that.”
Slayer co-founder Kerry King added, “Have I missed playing live? Absolutely. Slayer means a lot to our fans; they mean a lot to us. It will be five years since we have seen them.”
While Slayer are hardly the first major band to announce a “reunion” in recent times (Pantera, Fall Out Boy anyone?), the members have shown little indication they’re planning to reform since ‘retiring’ five years ago, which is why the news is throwing some off.
In fact, King – who recently launched his long-awaited post-Slayer band – told Rolling Stone earlier this month that it was unlikely he and Araya would get the band together again.
“I can pretty much a hundred percent say no because I have a new outlet, and it’s not Slayer, but it sounds like Slayer,” he said.

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