Pearl e/Merge E-Kit

Pearl e/Merge E-Kit

Here’s our review of a Pearl e/Merge e-kit from sister consumer site Drummer’s Review, featuring Korg Wave Trigger technology. Stock this product, why not share this review with your consumer audience..


  • MDL-1 Module,
  • PureTouch Pads,
  • 18″ acoustic bass drum,
  • 14″ snare pad,
  • 10″ & 12″ rack tom pads,
  • 14″ floor tom pad”
  • Dual-zone 14″ hats,
  • Dual-zone 15″ crash
  • Triple-zone 18″ ride,
  • Three sided rack, cables and mounts (excluding hi-hat stand and bass drum pedal),
  • 35 pre-configured kits + 50 user kits, EQ, compression, on-board metronome.

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