Rare Guitars: Gary Gand’s 1960s Guild Thunderbird

Rare Guitars: Gary Gand’s 1960s Guild Thunderbird

We’ve seen his Gibsons and we’ve seen his Fenders. Today, we’re taking a look at Gary Gand’s 1960s Guild Thunderbird, a peculiar axe which has a blend of features from both aforementioned brands.
When Gibson purchased Epiphone in 1957, some ex-employees formed Guild, which could explain the Thunderbird’s 24 3/4-inch scale, ‘Anti-Hum’ pickups and chunky Epiphone-style neck. Its wiring, on the other hand, leans towards the Fender Jaguar – offset fans will feel right at home with its numerous switches.
In our interview with him, Gary cites Muddy Waters as inspiration for procuring this guitar, but really it comes down to nostalgia. Shrugging, Gary tells us: “I just always thought they were cool guitars.” And he’s absolutely right. Arguably one of the coolest features on this Thunderbird is a kickstand on the on the back of its Gumby-esque body. Yes, you read that right.
Check it out below:

1960s Guild Thunderbird

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