Rickenbacker is back with the limited-edition 480XC and 4005XC

Rickenbacker is back with the limited-edition 480XC and 4005XC

Rickenbacker will be celebrating its 90th anniversary this year with the launch of two new instrument models: the 480XC electric guitar and 4005XC bass guitar.

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The limited-edition instruments were announced in an Instagram post by the historic brand yesterday (9 February) – see it below.

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While Rickenbacker hasn’t announced any official details yet (apart from the above post), several retailers have already listed the instrument online, albeit with skim details. Here’s what we know so far…
Rickenbacker 480XC
A modern take on the Model 480, which was discontinued in 1984, the Rickenbacker 480XC features sleek black hardware, the brand’s signature checkerboard binding and a Macassar ebony fingerboard.
The brand has also chosen to replace the original’s covered bridge with a Schaller bridge, which should offer improved sustain. As for electronics, there are two classic hot wound Toaster pickups for your classic Rickenbacker jangles. The Rickenbacker 480XC comes in Tobacco Glo and JetGlo finishes with a vintage-style reissue case.
Image: RickenbackerRickenbacker 4005XC
The 4005XC appears to fuse the pointed body shape of the brand’s 300 series guitars with the hardware and electronics of the 4005 hollow-body bass. This model has a 30.5” scale length and a set of vintage pickups. Interestingly, several retailers suggest this bass to have stereo output, routing neck and bridge pickups to their own individual outputs – like the Model 4003. As with the 480XC, this one also comes with checkerboard binding and a vintage reissue case.
Image: RickenbackerPricing and availability
Thomann lists the 480XC and 4005XC guitars at £3,599 and £3,888, respectively. This post will be updated with more details as they become available.
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