See every US state’s most-searched guitar pedal brands

See every US state’s most-searched guitar pedal brands

A new study from Pedal Haven has supposedly discovered the most-searched pedals in the US, and it includes a breakdown of the brands that are most searched for in each state.

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Said to be based on Google search data, the study crowns Electro-Harmonix as the most-searched pedal brand in the US overall, with the Big Muff makers being top-searched in 28 states.
Following EHX are Strymon and TC Electronic, being most-searched in 14 and 9 states, respectively.
Top 10 searched-for pedal brands in the US, per Pedal Haven:
1. Electro-Harmonix
2. TC Electronic
3. Strymon
4. Catalinbread
5. Walrus Audio
6. Boss
7. Earthquaker Devices
8. JHS Pedals
9. ZVex Effects
10. Death By Audio
A state-by-state breakdown then looked at the ‘uniquely popular’ guitar pedal brands, discounting top-searched results to show state-preferred pedal brands, if you will.
For example, Colorado’s most searched-for pedal brand was Chase Bliss, after Strymon. And in Louisiana, Gamechanger Audio was top-searched after Electro-Harmonix.
Image: Pedal Haven
Check out the full study on Pedal Haven.
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