Some of our best-reviewed pedals of 2023 are still on sale this Cyber Weekend – don’t miss out!

Some of our best-reviewed pedals of 2023 are still on sale this Cyber Weekend – don’t miss out!

Generally speaking, the bargains you see on Black Friday, Cyber Weekend and Cyber Monday are usually on older products that retailers are maybe trying to shift from their inventory – but very occasionally you’ll also find some sick deals on the hottest new products of the year, and that’s exactly what we’ve found for you today.

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Below you’ll see some of’s best-reviewed pedals of 2023, all of which were released this very year, with some seriously tantalising discounts that should have you chucking that box in your basket before someone changes their mind and realises that yep, they’re reducing a pedals that people were more than happy to pay full price for last week.
If you miss out, don’t say we didn’t warn you – get them while you can!
Universal Audio Del-Verb
Universal Audio’s ‘Ambience companion’ fuses both delay and reverb into one extremely compelling package – and with two effects in one, it’s worth the hassle of the large enclosure. verdict: Distilling the best bits of two other UAFX pedals into one simple unit, the Del-Verb makes so much sense for ambient soundscapers. 9/10

Save $50 now at Zzounds

Boss DS-1W
The Waza Craft version of Boss’s most iconic pedal manages to do something really impressive – it takes something that’s ubiquoitous and makes it exciting again. verdict: A DS-1 for people who don’t like DS-1s. The custom mode takes an oft-dismissed pedal and makes the DS-1 Waza into a bona fide boutique dirt beater. 9/10

Save $50 at Guitar Center


MXR Duke of Tone
The AnalogMan King Of Tone is second only to the Klon Centaur in the hard-to-find tonal nirvana stakes, but the tone at least is no longer hard to find, thanks to this seriously impressive tie-up with MXR. verdict: An exceptional recreation of one of the greatest boutique dirt pedals of all time – believe the hype, this is as close to the real deal as anyone could have hoped. 10/10

Save £34 at Thomann

Catalinbread STS-88
88 by name and 1988 by nature, the Catalinbread STS-88 throws things all the way back to a time of gated snares and loads of dry ice by pairing flanger and reverb for huge retro fun. 9/10 verdict: A fine and flexible flanger finds its perfect partner in cavernous reverb, and the result is instant ambient swirliness.

Save $42 at Guitar Center

Walrus Audio Slöer
Building on the impressive resumes of the Slö and Slötva, the Slöer might very well be the ultimate ambient reverb pedal – soundscapers, you’ll just need to plug in and wig out. verdict: Walrus Audio has taken the Slö’s blueprint to new frontiers of inspiration here; if you’re looking to immerse yourself in ambient and experimental reverb, this could be your final destination.

Save $70 at Zzounds

More Black Friday deals
Of course, these are just the deals that caught our eye. You can browse the full lineup of Black Friday pedal deals at any of the retailers below:

Guitar Center

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