Summer NAMM 2021: Kramer revisits 80s pop culture with Custom Graphics Collection guitars

Summer NAMM 2021: Kramer revisits 80s pop culture with Custom Graphics Collection guitars

Summer NAMM 2021: Kramer has announced the Custom Graphics Collection, an assortment of eclectic electrics decorated in visuals inspired by 80s pop culture. And yes, that includes a Baretta decked out with the flaming style of a Hot Wheels car.

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The limited-edition guitars include refreshed takes on the Baretta and The 84 and were crafted in a collaboration between Kramer’s luthiers and several visual artists.
Kramer “The Illusionist” The 84
Visual artist Bo Pittman drew inspiration from hot rod motorcycle graphics to design this 3D black and white swirl finish. The original hand-painted guitar was displayed at 2020’s winter NAMM Show and was apparently so popular that Kramer decided to release it to mass markets.
The 84 features an alder body, maple neck and fretboard as well as a single Seymour Duncan JB humbucker. There’s also a push-pull volume knob for parallel or serial switching, a Floyd Rose vibrato with EVH D-Tuna, locking nuts and more.
Photo: Kramer Guitars
Kramer “Feral Cat” Baretta
The “Feral Cat” Baretta features a finish design from Chris Stemmer that pays homage to the iconic Kramer Leopard. This bright design features shades of purple, green and blue to decorate its alder body. It also features a satin-finished maple neck, a Seymour Duncan JB zebra-coil humbucker, and hardware from Floyd Rose and EVH.
Photo: Kramer Guitars
Kramer “Hot Rod” Baretta
Every kid knows it’s the flame decal on a Hot Wheel that makes it go faster – it’s a sound argument that should translate to the realm of shredding. The original hand-painted version of the “Hot Rod” Baretta was first displayed at 2020 Winter NAMM and is now available to buyers. In terms of specs, it and the rest of the Barettas share the same hardware features and electronics as the “Feral Cat”.
Photo: Kramer Guitars
Kramer “Viper” Baretta
The perfect pair-up to your faux snakeskin boots, belts and jackets, this striking “Viper” Beretta with graphics designed by artist Chris Stemmer. This electric salutes some of the custom Snakeskin finishes Kramer has released in the past for the Pacer and Baretta II models, albeit with a more colourful look.
Photo: Kramer Guitars
Kramer “White Lotus” Baretta
Artist Eric Caspers took inspiration from an 80s movie called Underdogs to create this design that prominently features a lotus flower, said to represent “purity, enlightenment, regeneration, and rebirth.”
Photo: Kramer Guitars
Kramer “Danger Zone” Baretta
Warning tape sure seems a lot less fun these days than when you were a kid, but maybe this guitar will flip things around, The “Danger Zone” Baretta’s graphics were designed by Eric Caspers and is said to “put everyone on notice that dangerous levels of shredding [about] to be unleashed!”
Photo: Kramer Guitars
Each of the Kramer Custom Graphics Collection guitars comes with its own gig bag and lists at £929.
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