Sweetwater teams up with ​​JHS Pedals, Benson Amps and Keeley Electronics for pedal range inspired by the Beach Boys

Sweetwater teams up with ​​JHS Pedals, Benson Amps and Keeley Electronics for pedal range inspired by the Beach Boys

Retailer Sweetwater has joined forces with JHS Pedals, Benson Amps and Keeley Electronics for five limited edition effects that capture the tone and essence of the Beach Boys.
The collaborative range lands just ahead of Disney+’s documentary on the Beach Boys, which is due for release on 24 May. The doc will feature never-before-seen footage and all-new interviews with the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilsonfo, Mike Love, Al Jardine, David Marks, Bruce Johnston, plus other music industry figures.

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As part of the effects collection, JHS brings a Good Vibrations chorus/vibrato pedal to the table, plus the Punchline Bass Station – an all-in-one tool providing four ways to shape output: a VCA compressor, an overdrive, a vintage amp simulator, and three-band EQ – with its name inspired by an unreleased track from the group’s early instrumental days.
Additionally, Chris Benson of Benson Amps has crafted the Surf’s Up, a tube-driven spring reverb and optical tremolo unit, with Robert Keeley of Keeley Electronics offering the California Girls 12-string guitar simulator and the I Get Around rotary speaker simulator.

Here are the key features of each one:
JHS Good Vibrations

1960s-style chorus and vibrato with an old-school bulb-driven circuit
Large control knobs for Volume, Intensity and Speed
Chorus/vibrato rocker switch with two distinct voices (classic slow warble or a faster/dramatic swirl)
Silent switching and a buffered bypass help preserve tone
Price: $299

JHS Punchline Bass Station

A multi-tool preamp/DI/channel strip inspired by the studio sounds of the Wrecking Crew and The Beach Boys
Split into four distinct sections: Compressor, Drive, Amp Sim, and EQ
Footswitch controls for toggling drive and compression on or off
Mono quarter-inch I/O, plus a balanced XLR output (with optional ground lift) for DI connections to mixers, interfaces, and PA systems
Price: $499

Benson Amps Surf’s Up

Two blendable spring reverb tanks – a three-spring short tank and a long two-spring tank
Dwell, Tone, and Mix knobs for reverb tone
Hi-fi-inspired ground scheme cuts back on noise
Optical tremolo section inspired by the large combo sound of the mid-1960s
Tremolo circuit features an extended speed range, no volume drop, and reduced “ticking”
Tube-driven construction with a 6V6 power tube, 12AT7, a trio of 12AX7s, and custom Soursound transformers
Two-button LED footswitch
Price: $2,199

Keeley Electronics California Girls 

Emulates the double 12-string guitars in the style of The Beach Boys’ California Girls

Leverages chorus, octave effects, and slapback echo
Blend knob (balances dry/wet signals) and Chorus knob
Rate knob to tailor the chorus effect
X2 footswitch disengages the 12-string simulation for a standalone chorus effect
Echo toggle switch simulates the natural string interaction of a 12-string electric guitar
Echo Level alt-feature controls the volume of the slap
Octave Tone feature
Switchable true- and buffered-bypass operation
Price: $299

Keeley Electronics I Get Around

Control knobs for Blend, Drive, and Speed
Mids Boost toggle switch
Slow-Fast footswitch selects between two rotation speeds
Brake feature abruptly slows down the rotation effect to a dramatic stop
Ramp feature controls transition speed from slow to fast
Optional pulsing LED that reacts to the rotary effect
Switchable true- and buffered-bypass operation
Price: $299

Find out more and view the full collection at Sweetwater. You can also catch The Beach Boys documentary on Disney+ on 24 May.
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