This is what Master of Puppets sounds like with Dave Mustaine on vocals

This is what Master of Puppets sounds like with Dave Mustaine on vocals

An AI-powered cover of Metallica’s Master Of Puppets has provided a rough idea what Dave Mustaine would sound like if he would have fronted the band in some parallel universe.

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If you’re a fan of heavy music, you’re bound to know the rather sticky history surrounding Mustaine’s departure from Metallica back in 1983. Of course, the rocker went on to have his own success with Megadeth, but the awkward exit is still a topic that crops up in many interviews between the bands today.
Well, this “cover” from YouTube user AI Playgrounds features Mustaine’s vocals emulated using AI, and shows what perhaps could have been if Mustaine were to remain in Metallica, and even take over from James Hetfield’s position as frontman.
The cover seems to replicate his younger vocals as opposed to what can be heard on most recent Megadeth records. One user on YouTube commented, “It’s exciting ‘cause it has Mustaine’s young voice. Very different from how he sings in the actual days, but really believable.”
Check it out below:

Despite the feuding between both camps, in a recent interview, Mustaine said he had let the rivalries of the past go. When he was asked how he felt about Megadeth celebrating their 40th year as a band this year, Mustaine said: “I think [we lasted this long by] just trying to be the best that [we] can be. And we’ve had adversity against us since the beginning because of Metallica.
“The funny thing about it is that we’re friends now. But what happened happened, and it’s in public belief that there’s some kind of beef between us, and there really isn’t,” he said during his chat on podcast My Planet Rocks.
“As much as back in the day we talked about it from a negative point of view, I prefer to talk about it from a positive place now, a place of forgiveness and of healing,” he continued. “Those guys went through a lot of stuff themselves, and I did too. It’s very well documented about all of this, and getting professional help. So that’s something that I think is really wonderful.
“You’ve got two of the biggest bands in metal that started from the same place, had their growing pains, came to the realisation that it was just a bunch of hard feelings and a bunch of hurt people. And hurt people hurt people.”
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