Thurston Moore drops surprise instrumental album, Screen Time

Thurston Moore drops surprise instrumental album, Screen Time

Thurston Moore has released a surprise instrumental album, Screen Time, over Bandcamp.
The 10-track album is Moore’s seventh under his own name and follows By The Fire, released in September last year.

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In a statement about the new project, Moore explained that he approached each song as if it were the soundtrack to a scene in an imaginary film noir. He also shared that the record celebrates those in creative fields and their work.
“While our societies have become wholly engaged with the virtual universe of online interaction the work of filmmakers, musicians, painters, poets and dancers continues to offer dreamworld expressions of both reality and the imagination,” he said. “Art is an offering. When you open up your screen, send a message of love and gratitude to someone. If it’s within your means, send aid to those in need.”
Moore added: “Screen time is now time, it is always time for change. A change for the better. What better time than now. Create, instigate, debate, never hate, sleep late, embrace fate, make a movie date, destroy and skate.”
Screen Time is made up of 10 atmospheric tunes, performed with an array of Moore’s signature methods, including prepared guitars and alternate tunings.
Listen to it below:
screen time by Thurston Moore
When we spoke with Moore last year, he told us about the “personal relationship” he establishes with his instruments and why he doesn’t think he could “ever see the guitar completely as a tool”.
“When I go to a radio station and they want me to play a song, it’s almost impossible,” he said. “The song that I have is about which guitar is being played. Even if they have some hired Jazzmaster sitting on a guitar stand, the song is going to suffer because of that.”
“It won’t sound right. I have a very personal relationship with the guitars that I play. I never see them as interchangeable.”
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