Til Lindemann Drummer Joe Letz Joins Porter & Davies

Til Lindemann Drummer Joe Letz Joins Porter & Davies

Porter & Davies is delighted to announce that Til Lindemann drummer Joe Letz has recently purchased a TT6 Equipped Throne.

Joe Letz is a multi-talented drummer and DJ. He was drummer with the Norwegian electro-industrial band Combichrist for more than thirteen years during which time they toured as support for metal legends Rammstein. More recently this versatile player has joined Rammstein’s frontman, Til Lindemann in his solo project Lindemann. His hard hitting style ensures the driving atmosphere of Lindemann’s music is forced into every cell of the listeners body.

On the recent 2023 European tour he used the Porter & Davies  TT6 Equipped Throne. Its bespoke 1000TW super-transducer sends high-quality audio over a full range of tactile frequencies to a drummer allowing them to literally feel everything they play through their body. The highly sensitive throne which can be driven by a stage amp from the monitor desk has a wide, powerful dynamic range with no latency. It is particularly suited to fast double bass drum and / or double pedal players in high volume situations.

Talking about the TT6 Letz said: ‘Every once in a while you stumble upon a piece of gear that you simply do not know how you functioned so long without….This throne is EVERYTHING!  To think that just a couple of months ago I required what was basically an entire PA system to be sitting next to me on stage….This thing is never leaving my side again!

To find out more about replacing the PA system sitting behind the drum kit please go to porteranddavies.co.uk/.

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