Vox dresses its AC Custom amps in a bold Classic Vintage Red finish

Vox dresses its AC Custom amps in a bold Classic Vintage Red finish

Vox has given its line of AC Custom guitar amplifiers the Classic Vintage Red treatment — here’s how they look.
The new colourway, which features alongside Vox’s classic black and gold diamond fret cloth and vintage logo badge, is available for the following models: AC10C1, AC15C1, and AC30C2.

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Starting with the AC10C1, the amp is powered by 10 watts of valve-driven force, encapsulated through a full valve complement that includes two 12AX7 preamp valves and two EL84 power valves.
Controls include volume, reverb, treble, bass, and gain for a good amount of sound customisation options. We’ve also got a 10-inch Celestion VX10 speaker, selected by Vox for its “superior tone projection” and ability to capture the brand’s quintessential ‘chimey’ tone.
Next up is the AC15C1, another beloved Vox classic that packs a pair of EL84 tubes and 12AX7 preamp tubes. The 15-watt amp features a 12-inch Celestion G12M Greenback speaker, and boasts an epic midrange crunch, which has made it the weapon of choice for some of the world’s biggest rock bands.
As the largest of the trio, the AC30C2 packs the same combination of tubes, dual 12-inch 8-Ohm G12M Celestion Greenback speakers, and extra controls. You get a master volume, tone cut, and Top Boost controls for volume, treble, and bass. Built-in reverb and tremolo effects can also be customised using tone, level, speed and depth controls.
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All three models are set to arrive this April, but you’ll have to move quickly as quantities are extremely limited. Prices for the special Classic Vintage Red edition of the Vox AC custom series amps begin at $756/ £599 for the AC10C1, $1,046/ £829 for the AC15C1 and $1,640/ £1,299/ for the AC30C2.
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