Weekly Guitar Essentials: IDLES, Dragonforce, Robbie Robertson and more

Weekly Guitar Essentials: IDLES, Dragonforce, Robbie Robertson and more

Welcome to Weekly Guitar Essentials, a roundup of the last seven days’ best guitar-based tracks, from your next indie favourite to the biggest names in music. Check out the tracks below, or follow the full playlist on our Spotify.

NOLA’s BRAT are an awesome combination of old-school HM-2-drenched death metal and energetic, angry hardcore, and so it’s great to see they’ve announced their debut full-length on Prosthetic. Check out Social Grace for a taste.
Kurt Vile – Another Good Year For The Roses

This might be the most autumnal piece of music ever recorded. Laid back, cosy, there’s still a chikll brought into the air with some noisy, fuzzed out guitar towards the end.
Dead Poet Society – I hope you hate me.

Channelling a bit of solo-era Jack White and some Royal Blood, Dead Poet Society’s latest is a chuggy, catchy slab of roomy, bluesy rock with a killer hook.
Ex Everything – Detonation in the Public Sphere

Featuring members of Kowloon Walled City, Early Graves and Less Art, Ex Everything are promising heavy – and on that front deliver. Spikey, mathy, noisy, it’s also refreshingly spacious in its production.
Fucked Up – Show Friends

Taken from a new 7”, this track is a strange, aggy slice of old-school punk from the eternally prolific Fucked Up. It’s an odd one for sure, but after one listen it’ll be circling your head for the rest of the day.
Dragonforce – The Power Of The Triforce

Depending on what kind of metal fan you are, this is either the best or the lamest thing ever, because it’s Zelda-themed power metal ’. But Dragonforce don’t seem to care – just get your ears around those solos.
Robbie Robertson – Osage Oil Bloom

Before passing away earlier this year, The Band’s Robbie Robertson scored Martin Scorcese’s new film adaptation of Killers Of The Flower Moon. The whole soundtrack has been released, and there’s plenty of smoky, evocative slide playing to be heard.
IDLES – DANCER (feat. LCD Soundsystem)

IDLES have teamed up with LCD Soundsystem for this teaser track for their new LP TANGK. which is, unsurprisingly, a dancey one. But there’s still plenty of noisy aggression to be had.
Neil Young – I’m The Ocean

Neil Young has announced a new record of acoustic versions of his older tracks, Before and After, out 8 December. Ahead of it he’s shared the first three tracks, including this reworked version of I’m The Ocean with added acoustic sparkle.
Mannequin Pussy – I Don’t Know You

I Got Heaven’s title track already hinted at Mannequin Pussy’s new record being very good and very weird. New track I Don’t Know You doesn’t change that at all – and the duo of music videos we’ve gotten so far have tied things together with an odd, grainy, rural aesthetic.
Check out the full playlist below:

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