Weekly Guitar Essentials: U2, Rolling Stones, Holy Fawn and more

Weekly Guitar Essentials: U2, Rolling Stones, Holy Fawn and more

Welcome to Weekly Guitar Essentials, a roundup of 10 of last week’s best guitar-driven tracks, featuring the biggest guitar bands on the planet to your new favourite underground discovery. You can follow the playlist on our Spotify, or check out each track in more detail below!
Heavy Lungs – All Gas No Brakes

Heavy Lungs are a weird band. This is a weird song. These are both very good things. Danny Nedelko’s idiosyncratic vocal delivery ties the chaotic, stop-and-start song together into noise-rock bliss.
Code Orange – The Mask Of Sanity Slips

Code Orange have a new record out! The whole thing is them at their glitchy, heavy best, but The Mask Of Sanity Slips is a particularly cool and grungy track, sounding a little like an alternative-reality Deftones.
Parannoul – Your Place

Elusive Korean indie-rockers Pannoul have shared a song that didn’t quite make the cut for their recent third album, After The Magic. It’s a softer, more relaxed cut that builds slowly with dreamy, acoustic-sprinkled layers.
Corey Hanson – Western Cum

Not to be confused with the album of the same name Corey Hanson released back in June, this Western Cum is the A-side off a new 7″” from the Wand frontman. As well as the arresting name, the track feautures a frankly awesome fuzzed-out guitar solo atop striding, hopeful chords.
A. Savage – David’s Dead

Parquet Courts frontman A. Savage has a new album on the way. David’s Dead is the third song shared from it, and serves as both a touching tribute to his late homeless neighbour and a bittersweet overview of what’s changed in the New York neighborhood Savage lived in for a decade.
U2 – Atomic City

That’s right – new U2! Released ahead of their LAs Vegas residency, it, well, sounds like U2. New music from a band with a legacy like theirs will inevitably disappoint some die-hard fans, but hey, for everyone else, it’s a solid U2 stomper.
Filth Is Eternal – Magnetic Point

Filth Is Eternal’s new record Find Out is an awesome a new take on old-school hardcore punk. Yes, the songs have thicker more ‘modern’ sounding production but each one is a succinct, raw punk rock hammer that hits you in the face. Magnetic Point is featured here because of the way it kicks the doors open with the first riff note. Great stuff.
Sum 41 – Landmines

First Blink, now Sum 41? We also could have included the new Taking Back Sunday and the new Neck Deep on this list, but we’re not sure if that would open some sort of portal to the year 2005.
Holy Fawn – Glóandi

Holy Fawn are the best shoegaze band you don’t know about. Unless you do know about them, in which case… well done. This new version of their 2015 track Glóandi lets them show off what they’ve learnt as a band since then – it’s both prettier and heavier than the original, as layering up sparkly, melodic guitar lines over massive riffs is something they’ve had a lot of practice in over the last eight years.
The Rolling Stones & Lady Gaga – Sweet Sounds Of Heaven

And finally… yes, it’s the Rolling Stones. Featuring two pop legends, strangely, but in any case it’s a swampy rock ‘n’ roll tune that makes great use of Wonder’s piano and Gaga’s voice. Some might say, do we need more Rolling Stones in 2023, others will say, well, they’re the Rolling bloody Stones.
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