Why Guitar.com Live Is A Celebration Of The Art Of Guitar Building

Why Guitar.com Live Is A Celebration Of The Art Of Guitar Building

Guitar.com Live is rapidly approaching, offering a huge array of performances, clinics, panels and talks from every corner of the guitar world, and with it the chance for guitar fans to get an insight into the way that your favourite instruments are made, maintained and what makes them so special.
Here’s our pick of the can’t miss events to mark on your calendar over the three days of the show:

A Guitar Building Masterclass With Paul Reed Smith
Day 1 (17:30PST)
The PRS founder is one of the most respected and innovative thinkers in the history of guitar building, and here the legendary guitar designer will take you through his unique philosophy for guitar building, explaining how and why every aspect of a guitar’s construction can impact its tone and playability, and sharing his hard-earned insights on what to look for when buying your next guitar, or trying to improve your current one.
Image: FenderLiving The Dream with Fender Custom Shop’s Carlos Lopez
Day 2 (18:00PST)
The Fender Custom Shop is lauded the world over by those who appreciate the stunning instruments it produces, and also by the wonderfully talented craftsmen who call it home. We sit down with one of the rising stars of Custom Shop, Master Builder Carlos Lopez, to find out what life is really like working in the ‘dream factory’.
Image: GibsonJoe Bonamassa presents Guitar Safaris
Day 2 (15:30PST)
The blues-rock virtuoso and world-renowned guitar collector welcomes us into his ‘Nerdville’ home in Los Angeles to get up close and personal some of the jaw-dropping vintage guitars in Joe’s collection.

The Taylor Ebony Project
Day 3 (12:00PST)
Join Taylor Guitars founder Bob Taylor and others as they take you on a journey to Cameroon to take a revealing look at the acoustic guitar giant’s efforts to create a more socially responsible and environmentally sustainable model of sourcing ebony for use in their instruments.
Image: Joe Supple225 Parsons Street Factory Tour
Day 1 (13.30PST)
The factory at 225 Parsons St in Kalamazoo, Michigan has been a hub of guitar building for over a century, and in the course of its long life has been the site where some of the most iconic instruments of all time have been created. For over three decades 225 Parsons St has been the home of Heritage Guitars – we join Masterbuilder Pete Farmer for a guided tour around this iconic site in American guitar history.
Image: Alysse GafkjenJason Isbell & The Magic Of The Burst
Day 2 (17:30PST)
The Grammy-winning guitarist invites us into his Nashville barn to share the magic of his 1959 Les Paul ‘Redeye’ and with the help of his guitarist Sadler Vaden, shows us why these remarkable guitars have become the iconic sounds of so many hit records.
All images: Eleanor JaneAll About Jazzmasters with Mike Adams
Day 1 (14:00PST)
Join Mike ‘Puisheen’ Adams as Instagram’s number one guru on all things offset takes you into his workshop to explain everything that you ever wanted to know about Fender’s most eccentric and misunderstood solidbody, but were afraid to ask…
Be sure to sign up over at Guitar.com/live for exclusive updates before the show, and come along 2-4 October to catch the lessons above!
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