Win! A Beetronics Vezzpa worth £215!

Win! A Beetronics Vezzpa worth £215!

The new Vezzpa Octave Stinger from Beetronics promises a range of super aggressive and spitty fuzz tones with an upper octave thrown in for good measure. Built around opamp circuitry, this scaled down stompbox from their Babee Series – about a quarter of the size of the flagship Royal Jelly – features two modes. Fuzzzz promises a powerchord-friendly wall of pollen-laden fur while the Stinger mode unleashes a high-octave voicing which Beetronics neatly describes as “harmonics on crack”.

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Cleverly, the Vezzpa features just one multi-function footswitch. A single tap turns the pedal on and off, while in bypass mode it operates in momentary mode, operating like a killswitch. You can toggle between sounds with a double click and, with the pedal engaged, holding down the button gives you a blast of the unit’s other voice until you lift your foot off. There are also three colour-coded LEDs to guide you: yellow for Fuzzzz, green for Stinger, and red for on/off.
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