You can now buy a £68,000, one-kilo gold coin in honour of The Who

You can now buy a £68,000, one-kilo gold coin in honour of The Who

The UK’s Royal Mint has announced a new set of commemorative gold coins in honour of British rock band The Who, ranging from a small uncirculated commemorative nickel coin to a solid kilo of gold emblazoned with the same design.

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The design, which is part of The Royal Mint’s Music Legends series, features a Union Jack-finished Rickenbacker guitar with pinball paddles on its body, in reference to the band’s concept album Tommy. In true Pete Townshend fashion, the guitar is being driven into a speaker cabinet and smashing a hole in it. Some of the coins feature an extra shockwave design emerging from the impact. Additionally, one coin in the series features digital colouring on the design, showcasing the vibrant red, white and blue of the band’s emblem.
Frontman Roger Daltrey said in a statement: “It’s an honour to have a coin produced to celebrate The Who’s musical legacy. The coin’s design captures the true essence of the band and what we represent.”
Guitarist Pete Townshend added: “I am delighted that the band’s work is being recognised by this fantastic range of coins from The Royal Mint.”
The series ranges from a non-limited £13 commemorative coin to a range of larger and more expensive gold and silver coins, all the way up to the most expensive: an ultra-limited one-kilogram gold coin, with an RRP of £68,380.
Take a look at Daltry exploring the making of the design in The Royal Mint’s video below.

Other artists honoured by The Royal Mint’s Music Legends series include Queen, Elton John and David Bowie, with The Who being the fourth.
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