You can save hundreds on Fender’s most popular amp in this Cyber Monday deal

You can save hundreds on Fender’s most popular amp in this Cyber Monday deal

Fender’s Hot Rod Deluxe is so popular, so wildly successful that it’s become ubiquitous – you won’t be able to set foot in a jam-night or practise space in the known world without running into one of these 1×12, 40-watt beasts – and there’s a very good reason for it too.

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For the last 20 years, the Hot Rod Deluxe has been a staple of Fender’s amp line-up and one of the world’s most popular combos – seeing use on stages big and small all over the world, quietly doing the job of sounding great and being reliable without ever getting the plaudits or celebration than some of Fender’s other amps do.
Because at the end of the day, all many of us really want is a solid, reliable two-channel valve combo that can go head to head with a good drummer, and that’s what the Deluxe offers in spades. And the latest IV version, released in 2018 does this with aplomb, offering smoother overdrive tones and an improved reverb channel, while still bringing that same unfussy quality that has made the Deluxe an ubiquitous modern classic.
And if it’s good enough for everyone else, who’s to say that your rig wouldn’t be improved with a HR Deluxe in your backline? Especially when you can save damn near £200 quid on the asking price? Well thanks to PMT you can do just that. Check out the deal below:
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV £862 – save £187
Do we really need to tell you why you should be interested in a serious saving on the world’s most popular gigging amp? Well, we’re going to anyway – there’s a reason why everyone buys one of these lovely 1×12 40-watt combos and it’s not just because they look timelessly cool – with great sounds, loads of power when you need it, and rugged reliability, there’s a reason you can’t walk into a jam night without seeing at least one.

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