YouTuber builds neckless guitar and, surprisingly, it sort of works

YouTuber builds neckless guitar and, surprisingly, it sort of works

YouTube content creator, Bernth Brodträger, has just created possibly the weirdest guitar build ever, and surprisingly, it sort of works.
In his new video, Bernth saws the neck off an S-style Ibanez model to create a neckless guitar, which he then plays a whole song with (and handily, it’s even available to stream on Spotify).

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Some of Bernth’s previous experiments include drilling dozens of holes into an acoustic, using dental floss or rubber bands as strings, putting fireworks inside his guitar, and even playing with an amp submerged underwater.
But in an era of headless guitars, could neckless ones be far off? In the video, he unscrews the neck from his Ibanez model and saws off the headstock, before restringing the model to play without the vital fretboard.
He composes an entire song with it, aptly named Leviate, which he plays throughout the video. Bernth has to hold the headstock out himself just for string tension, and plays using a finger style technique as he of course can’t play any chords.
Although the composition is pretty limited in what he can actually pull off without a neck, it does give some decent djent-y metal tones, and he even manages a solo.
In the video he writes, “By pulling the headstock, I can manipulate the pitches. I can even simulate extreme vibrato by shaking it!”
As it continues he later adds, “When I make the strings touch the guitar body, I can go for even higher pitches than with just pulling. I never thought I could actually play a solo on this thing but using the crazy, whammy-like bends actually worked!”
Though he admits the crazy build was worth it for a bit of fun, he does say his left shoulder eventually begins to hurt.
Check it out below:

You can stream Levitate here:

To see more from Bernth, head to his official YouTube channel.
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