1995 Silo Special HSS Silent Circuit

1995 Silo Special HSS Silent Circuit

Hello, first post here.

I recently bought a used Silo Special HSS that is from 1995 and has the Grover tuners, Wilkinson bridge. It is in need of some TLC which I am happy to do to it.

The guitar is purple with rosewood fretboard, which I have not seen a lot of? I gave the serial number to EB email support and they came back saying it was an SSS Silo (non special) so I’m waiting to see if maybe they entered my serial number (typo) when searching.

The prior owner (or owners, not sure of the history) replaced all 3 pickups so it has a JB humbucker in bridge and two SSL-2 Duncan single coils in middle and neck.

The “silent circuit” is in there but it looks nothing at all like what I see in google image search. The stuff that comes up in Google image are all round canister things with the adjustment. The one in this guitar is more like a rectangular piece, black in color with an sticker on it and solder lugs on the top of it.

I will take pictures and upload when I can. I’m just curious if this is like the very first revision of the silent circuit? The guitar is from 1995 after all and according to my limited research this is the very first year of the Silo Special?

THANKS. I’m looking forward to getting this guitar into great playing shape.

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