1996 Axis value?

1996 Axis value?

Hey guys, I’ve been wanting an early model Axis for a long time, 1st year if possible… Well I came across a 96 yesterday for 1025 total. It’s not to bad for a 21 yr old guitar, few dings here and there, maybe 1 or 2 small chips…. The thing that concerns me though is the frets, again 21 yr old guitar but I see some indents.. Seller won’t go any lower so I’m trying to decide if the cost is worth it since I may have to do a refret pretty soon.

Now I’ve owned 2 Axis over the years, the first one was one I should have never let go and I’ve tried repeatedly over the years to track it down, no luck. It was a ’97 I think, I paid like 900 then… The 2nd one, was an 08 model to which it just didn’t feel the same to me. Could have been in my head but I let it go with no regrets, paid 800 on that one.

After all this babble I guess I’m just looking for opinions, think 1025 would be worth a 96′ or should I wait for one in better condition?

Here’s the link
Music Man Axis 1996 Trans Gold | Mutt's Gear | Reverb

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