2011 BFR Luke question.

2011 BFR Luke question.

Hi there,

i wondered if you could please help me. I have just received a Musicman 2011 BFR Luke as a 40th birthday present serial number G52396. I plugged this into an absolutely gunned amp and the bridge pickup is despite being a hum-bucker is considerably quieter than the middle and neck. In addition, the middle and neck pickups while louder than the bridge were not ever driving anywhere near what any of my other single coil equipped guitars are. I have never had a guitar with EMG pickups in and wondered if this was normal or if I should check something (if I need to check something over please can you detail what). It came without a battery so I put a brand new one in, it was an unbranded one 9v one (so not Duracell or Energizer) from the local store.
Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

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