20th Anniversary JP ideas?

20th Anniversary JP ideas?

So if I’m not mistaken, it will be the 20th anniversary of John Petrucci being endorsed by EBMM in the year 2020. I know it’s still a couple years away but what do you guys think they will do to commemorate this occasion? Do you think they will do an original JP shape or will we a new Majesty? Or a new guitar all together?!

What about finishes? It would have to be something special. Some traditionally would say emerald for a 30th anniversary gift or China for a 20th wedding anniversary. How about a China White Majesty or Emeral Green Majesty lol

Maybe a 20th anniversary badge on the 12th like the Ball Family Reserve.

Anyway, just some fun thoughts. JPXX or Majesty something

Have a great day playing with your Balls!

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