2cm vs 4cm plus add an Eventide Eclipse to the mix…..

2cm vs 4cm plus add an Eventide Eclipse to the mix…..

Hi guys!
Tricky one here. I have connected my g system via 4cm with no problems at all. Now, I bought an Eventide Eclipse and want to add it to the fx loop chain, which has me guessing here. I would like to keep the g system’s time fx block going to the all’s fx loop, I love how they sound there. I have thought of a few ideas but I have a few doubts which I will list with every scenario:

#1.   Amp fx send> g sys> eventide> amp fx return.
Don’t know what to expect here

#2.  Connecting the g system with 2cm ( which I would hate to do since I like my time fx from the g system)  and connecting the Eventide to the amp’s fx loop.

#3. Can a GCX or a Patchmate be used as a parallel fx loop so I can connect both fx devices there and feed them individual amp fx send signals like:
Amp fx send> gcx in>> both g system and eclipse through different patches, each individually fed by the gcx>> gcx out> amp fx return.

Any advice, specially  from Master Sensei Laird Williams and Elvis too is highly appreciated.

Thanks a million!


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