3 amps and 3 cable-method

3 amps and 3 cable-method

Hello all,

I currently use one amp (Vox AC30) and the G-System using the 3-cable method.

This is how I connect at the moment:

Guitar -> OD -> AC30 Input
G-System Input -> AC30 FX Loop Send
G-System Left Output -> AC30 FX Loop Return

My band are now moving to bigger venues and better conditions so I wanted to make use of the 3 amp configuration: 1 dry at the middle (no effects) and two outer to run the effects in stereo (delays, chorus, etc).

The OD I use DON’T WORK on G-System Loops. Just sound horrible and also don’t work on G-System Input. The OD is on ALL THE TIME. Would this work?

Guitar -> OD -> 3 way splitter -> AC30’s Input (all three)
G-System Input -> AC30 MIDDLE DRY FX Loop Send
G-System Left Output -> AC30 LEFT FX Loop Return
G-System Right Output -> AC30 RIGHT FX Loop Return

Would such a thing work???

Many thanks in advance.

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