A looper questions

A questions

Guys having a blast with the JP6. I am redoing my pedal board. I am thinking of getting a looper so I can get some of my timing back down (I havent jammed with anyone in a LONG TIME). I had been looking at a Ditto, but the way I have my board setup is I have my signal split through my M9 that way I can fade that effect in and out as needed. (dry goes to the rest of the board, wet goes to another volume pedal to its own amp).

I would like the M9 to be able to go through a looper but yet have its own signal path. I recently saw a digitech jam man the has stereo in and out. If I were to put my dry signal in the mono and the wet in the stereo and the same on the out path would it keep the signals seperate? or would it blend them together?


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