Advice on 7 String

Advice on 7 String


I got a JP15 6 string and it’s an absolute stunning guitar. As I am eyeing a 7-string I have some questions regarding the two choices (in my mind at least): a majesty or a jason richardson cutlass. On one side the jason richardson has a smaller arm contour, a waxed neck, different sounds than a JP model and the single coil split for neck (which I like a lot). My questions are:
– How is the arm contour on the jason richardson cutlass compared to the JP15?
– How close sound wise are the JP15 6 string and a majesty 7 string?
– How does the neck of the majesty feel compared to the hand-waxed JP15 neck? The stealth black has s satin finish which might be “somewhat” close?
– Has anyone tried to mod the coil split on the majesty to be similar to the jason richardson?
Ofc the Majesty has the piezo’s, but I have the 6 string already for it…

Unfortunately I can not test these guitars and I at least want to have an idea on what I looking for.


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