Advice on neck profiles, next purchase…

Advice on neck profiles, next purchase…

Hello all, first post here!

Well I’ve totally fallen in love with Musicman.

After stumbling across a beaten up old Axis Sport at a bargain price a couple of years ago all the Fenders and ’s are gone and I now have just an ASS and a Luke.

Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of trying many before I buy in England, there aren’t many dealers here. So most of my purchases are done on gut instinct!

Both my Super Sport and Luke are awesome, they feel different to each other as most will know but still perfect for me in their own respective ways. I have quite small hands and they really suit me.

Looking at maybe Stingray or a Silhouette model next. I play mostly hard rock/metal but love the look of them. I know the Stingray is a bit more vintage based but a couple of high output humbuckers would sort out any issues there if the stock ones didn’t cut it.

So just wondering if anyone can advise me on how these necks feel in comparison to what I already own?

Thanks in advance.

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