Albert Lee with 2 MM90's ???

Albert Lee with 2 MM90's ???

There was some excitement recently when pics of Albert Lee’s new custom 2 MM90 guitar surfaced.

Out of nowhere I had a lightbulb moment early last week and decided to try something…since I now have three ALHH , and my original (first) one get’s very little love anymore, I pulled all the stock electronics off the pick guard as an assembly in case this didn’t work out, and installed a couple of Railhammer H90’s I already had waiting for a new home. These are humbucker sized P90’s, and I must say, they sound fabulous in the AL!
I went with a 3-way switch and push/pull tone pot for series/parallel switching. Versatile and simple.
I wouldn’t say it’s better than any stock AL sounds, but it’s definitly got it’s own thing going on now. Different and very usable tones and voicings…. this guy is going to get a lot more play time now…

…Rock!! :p

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