Almost sold my Valentine…so glad I didn't! Don't sell yours either.

Almost sold my Valentine…so glad I didn't! Don't sell yours either.

I have bled Fender for most of my life and got my first EBMM as a gift from my brother. A brand new Valentine in Transbutter Milk. I know, my brother is pretty cool. ha. I played it a few times and for some reason I just didn’t bond with it. Perhaps, I was wanting a tele too bad and wasn’t giving my new EBMM a chance. I stuck with it and played it more and more and soon realized what a treasure I was playing.

For good measure I went to a local music store and played a bunch of teles and there wasn’t one that I would have picked over my new Valentine. This guitar is just a thing of beauty and the way it has been built is a thing of beauty. It took me a while to get used to the neck too. I know that EBMM makes some of the best necks in the game, but years of playing C shapes and soft V’s it took awhile to adjust. I really appreciate the differences between my guitars and going back and forth between the EBMM and one of my Strats is seamless.

The EBMM guitars are just like getting a custom shop instrument, but for half the price. I also love the fact that it comes from the Ball family and it truly feels like you are getting an instrument with some family love and vibe in it.

If you are thinking of selling your EBMM, think twice and maybe hold onto it. Their instruments are like nothing else. I’m already eyeing my next EBMM. I’m thinking a St. Vincent will fit in nicely. My blood now bleeds Fender and EBMM. 🙂

Keep on creating everyone. Hope everyone had a great fourth of July.

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