An experiences with HISCOX STD-EBS hardshell case?

An experiences with HISCOX STD-EBS hardshell case?


I just recently purchased a HISCOX STD-EBS hardshell case to carry around my Stingray 4 and Stingray 5 bass guitars.

Precision / Jazz / Standard Bass – Hard Case – Hiscox Cases

It fits my basses very well, just if it was made especially for Stingray 4 & 5…
I also like that it is less bulkier in comparison to the EBMM hardshell cases. The overall build quality seems to be very good.

What I’m a little concernded about is:
the neck rest is only a small area close to below the nut and the inner mould seems to be very hard, covered only with a thin fabric.
In my Mono Vertigo and Gator ProGo gig bags the basses are cradled in between really soft and thick cushion and I am wondering how the Hiscox will absorb any impact energy with this hard interior.
The Hiscox guys tell that it will do much better than any kind of gig bag (of course…) but what is the truth?

Any suggestions and experiences are highly appreciated!

Best regards

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