Anybody had problems with 10s on a L3?

Anybody had problems with 10s on a L3?

Hi guys,

I’m having some tuning stability issues with my L3, and it’s driving me nuts! (pun intended ;))

In short, I’ve decked the trem and put 10s on it. Now the G string seems to be sticking at the nut. When bending the string it goes flat, using the trem arm bring it back to pitch.

I’ve applied some nut sauce to the nut, which doesn’t seem to fully do the trick. Helped slightly, at least to begin with, but now the problem is back.

I’m surprised because I have no such problems with using 10s on my other MM . I would have thought the compensated nut would be the same across all models? Or is the one on the L3 just not cut to work with 10s at all?

Tuning stability issues is my number one deal breaker on guitars, so this is slowly killing my love for an otherwise super fine instrument. Something must be done… worst case I’ll put 9s on it again, but would prefer to get it working with 10s.

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