AXIS/ALBERT LEE Pickups – Consistancy of Sound

AXIS/ALBERT LEE Pickups – Consistancy of Sound

Moving this to it’s own thread as it is an interesting dilemma. Question is…has anyone else had multiple guitars with the same pickups and not had similar tones as would be expected?

So first gig last night with this Axis SS. I spent a couple hours cleaning the guitar up, it really is quite beat up, but functionally fit. I did change out the saddles for the Highwood Vintage Contoured. Even pulled the pickups to verify they were original. This has the solid rosewood neck like my ALs.

I have to say, therein lies the problem…the pickups sound noticably thin, especially the neck and I spend most of my time on the neck. Not at all like the the ALs I have/had with the same pups. Wiring does not appear to be modified.

I just happen to have a couple Dimarzios inbound (Air Norton/AT-1) in B/W Zebra that might take a test run in this guitar. I will say that the Virtual PAFs in my Silhouette are exceptional pups and I would be interested in finding some to swap into the Axis as the inbound pups were not intended for it..

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