Axis Floyd very stiff

Axis Floyd very stiff

Hello all – I have a 2017 Axis purchased new in 2017 (10 year anniversary gift from my awesome wife – I picked the guitar).

My only frustration is the difficulty doing dives. It has 2 springs at the 1 and 4 positions. The go straight across instead of angled to the 2 and 3.

I tried backing out the trem screws but then the string tension just pulled the Floyd away from the body.

Even when I do bends it will occasionally lift the tail of the body but I’m not doing anything more than 2 steps.

Action is great, nice and low with no buzzing.

Foe comparison I have a 2009 Carvin with an original Floyd, a 1995 N4 with a schaler Floyd, and a 5150 replica built by a friend with an original Floyd (dive only of course).

The pressure required to dive the Floyd is orders of magnitude greater.

Should I angle the springs? It seems to me that just adds more tension to pull it towards the body.

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