Axis Mod

Axis Mod

I’ve posted a few MOD posts…soliciting feedback from the best tone ears I know…both here and in the group text of musicians I play with on the regular. My NGD 2001 Sparkle Blue ASS Stoptail came in with after market pups, and she’s just a bit muddier than I prefer.

I have landed on a replacement pickup: Paul Yandell Duo-Tron Bridge Pickup-Universal Mount-TV Jones

I am leaning towards converting the Axis HH to a single bridge humbucker axe (yes, adding a pickguard)

So, my options are as follows:
Option 1:
98 Axis MM90 – MM90 neck/Super Distortion bridge (current setup)
01 Axis SS HH – Single TV Jones in bridge

Option 2:
98 Axis MM90 – MM90 neck/TV Jones bridge
01 Axis SS HH – Super Distortion in bridge

I could obviously switch the pups around…but curious to get input 🙂
(Feel free to chime in on black vs cream pickguard for the blue sparkle with rosewood board)

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