Back! Missed this so much!

Back! Missed this so much!

Hi all, I’ve been away for a while, it’s been a difficult time to say the least. My dad was diagnosed with dementia, and sadly died last year. While dealing with all of that I managed to find time late at night to write music, record demos, talk to musicians I wanted in the band and below is just some of the results.

I reached out to Tina Guo who I’m sure you know is responsible for things like Wonder Woman, Dunkirk, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean, Interstellar, Iron Man III as well as a whole bunch of video games. I sent her my demo called “The Dark Forest” and she wrote me back the same day, she wanted in! Next thing we know we’re flying out to her home in Studio City, California (I’m in the UK) to do the video shoot.

This album has been a huge learning curb for me as I’ve had to learn how to compose for Viola, Cello, Violins and to compose in the context of a rock band which is a lot harder because you have to take the bassist into consideration when writing the Cello parts.

Also, for those of you who feel like supporting me I do have a website and I do ship world wide Michael Baugh Rock Guitarist
we began shipping CD’s, Art Prints and T-shirts today, we’re nearly out of t-shirts and art prints already (preorders went nuts – I don’t get many YouTube views but my Facebook videos hit between 60,000 views to 790,000 views) 😮

I hope you enjoy the music and the videos, I’m going to be a lot more active here now, I miss it actually! 🙂

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