Battery compartment replacement for 2004 Ernie Ball Sterling

Battery compartment replacement for 2004 Sterling

Hi guys,

I have a 2004 Music Man Sterling bass which I didn’t play for a while.

Unfortunately I didn’t remove the battery from the instrument’s battery compartment during that time and it spill acid inside the compartment (I can see that the small electronic board inside the compartment is corrosion like greenish and the bass does not seem to produce a sound when connected.

I went to an electrician which deals with guitars and effects and he was able to dissolve part of the acid and reconnect the cables which were eaten by the acid enabling the guitar to work again when connected, but he strongly suggested to replace the battery compartment.

So my question is where can I find a replacement battery compartment? Can I purchase it directly from Ernie Ball?
If not, I’d appreciate if you can consult me on how to find a third party one which will fit my exact model.

I’ve contacted Customer Service but they didn’t reply with an answer, so I’m asking here.

Appreciate your help!


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