Big Muff and other pedals

Big Muff and other pedals

In honor and anticipation of NBD, I’m getting a 4 string on Saturday, I’ve been thinking about all my favorite things from when I last had one.

Totally into Cliff Burton I got a Big Muff distortion and wah pedal circa 1994. I’ve been sans 4er since 1996.

Sadly, as was the case with coke using guitar players in those days, my pedals went MIA around 2001, and I never replaced them…

So, without further ado.

I’m going to buy some pedals, and you all should tell me which ones and why you recommend them.

I can’t really justify buying that same 90’s model Muff, since–now vintage–they run $220 and up. I only mention it because that is at least one sound I want to reconnect with.

Obviously, I want to know about all the lovely EB pedals. Maximize my love for their fantastic products by giving me those recommendations too.

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