Blood Moon Phaser adds unwanted volume/distortion

Blood Moon Phaser adds unwanted volume/distortion

Does anyone else have a Blood Moon Phaser? I’m curious if anyone is having the same issue as I’m having. When I switch this thing on, it is LOUD. I mean overly loud. If I’m using clean, it distorts it. If I’m using my Dark Matter before it, it increases the volume to the amp so much that you can noticeably hear it’s too hot.

Now, being that eventually I will be using this unit in a , I am able to put an attenuator on the line. My bypass isn’t finished yet, so I’m only testing at this point. I buiult a simple attenuator consisting of 2 jacks and a potentiometer. I tried putting the attenuator after the effect so that I can control the loudness coming from the phaser. I was able to, but it still sounded overdone and hot. I tried putting the attenuator BEFORE the phaser, to control the input level, and this had a positive effect. So it seems as if the output isn’t so much the culprit on this unit, but apparently the level going in. Now, obviously you couldn’t do this trick without a bypass because the attenuator would always be in-line and affecting your overall signal.

I know sometimes you have to treat certain pedals differently, but is thing really supposed to be this hot and loud? Is mine defective? Could a resistor on the input side be swapped-out to lower the input level before it hits the effect? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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